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  • пациент Липодат София (пишет мама)
    Sofia Lipodat (mother)
    A year ago, it was impossible to convince me that there are cool, certified Vojta therapists in Moscow. And we had to go to the Czech Republic. By chance I learnt about Maria Gerbutova. It was incredible luck! She is a great professional. And what is important, a very considerate person. Each time after the course with her, Sonya learns something new.
    Maria does not approach a child formally; she thoroughly studies and tries to understand what exactly your child needs. I am very grateful to her!
  • Сергеева Анастасия (мама)
    Anastasia Sergeeva (mother)
    My child is suffering from cerebral palsy.
    When she was only one year old, we were admitted to the 18th neuropsychiatric hospital, where he was diagnosed. I began studying the methods of rehabilitation. I learned about Vojta therapy, Galileo and taping, but finding a good specialist was very difficult.
    Unfortunately, the hospital itself did not help us in any way. But luckily, we met Alexandra Igorevna, a wonderful doctor! When we started cooperating with her, my child was only moving creepingly. After a year’s treatment with Alexandra Igorevna, Maxim learned to sit down, crawl on all fours, stand up and move along the support. This is all the merit of Alexandra Igorevna. She has always tried to find a common language with Maxim, and she succeeded! She treats children with such trepidation … There are very few specialists of her caliber!
    She is doing her best at work!
  • Иванова Екатерина (мама)
    Ekaterina Ivanova (mother)
    My daughter Valeria has been undergoing rehabilitation with Alexandra Igorevna Burmistrova since 2019. First, I'll tell you a few words about my daughter and our diagnosis.
    She is diagnosed with spastic tetraparesis. The girl was born prematurely at 26 weeks, weighing 780 grams, 30 cm. She was on assisted ventilation for 9 days, then 14 days on CPAP therapy. There was hemorrhage on both sides, hydrocephalus, a shunt was placed at two months, there was also retinopathy of prematurity followed by a surgery.
    She is now 3.5 years old. She doesn’t walk but tries to sit down. She can even sit a little and get on all fours. And this is the merit of our beloved Alexandra Igorevna. From the very first day of our visit, she paid great attention and showed understanding, helped a lot with recommendations and consultations, selected, in my opinion, the correct rehabilitation tactics, because there was certain effect at every session.
    With Alexandra Igorevna, we used the Galileo simulator and there was progress in terms of muscle relaxation and strengthening of the skeletal frame. My daughter began to hold her head more confidently, the general condition of the child was noticeably better.
    At the beginning of 2020, we began practising Vojta therapy with Alexandra Igorevna and after the third lesson, Valeria turned over and got down on all fours herself. This testifies to the correctly selected technique. Of course, my joy knew no bounds. Aleksandra Igorevna takes care of us outside rehabilitation as well; she is always in touch, she would prompt, help, and correct.
    She is not just a competent specialist, but a very sympathetic person. I am very grateful to her for our success. She gave me great hope and faith in the child. Not all doctors can provide such support. Alexandra Igorevna treats us as close people, like her family.
  • Юлия (мама)
    Yulia (mother)
    For 3 years we have known a wonderful doctor Burmistrova Alexandra Igorevna. Then the daughter was just diagnosed with cerebral palsy.
    Alexandra Igorevna, with her professional outlook, saw the potential in her and we immediately began to study. The result was not long in coming, and after 3 months of regular training my baby turned over on her side, after another 2-3 months she started crawling.
    We continue to study hard and we know that we will succeed. Our daughter will soon run, I am sure.
    I also want to mention the individual approach to the child: the doctor managed to find a common language with my daughter, and now we are practicing with pleasure, (not through force and pain), which is important.
    The doctor's faith in the child is also very important; sometimes it seems to me that Alexandra Igorevna believes in her more than I do.
    Another important point is her mastery of several methods, in addition to Vojta therapy, which she is constantly improving, studying abroad.
    The doctor always tells everything in detail and answers questions. She trained me, and now the child receives classes 4 times a day. Our entire family is immensely grateful to Alexandra Igorevna and we love her very much.
    Thank you very much!!!!
  • Шугаева Светлана Анатольевна (мама)
    Shugaeva Svetlana Anatolievna (mother)
    I would like to express my gratitude to Maria Gerbutova for the attentive and human attitude towards patients!
    My daughter at the age of 15 was diagnosed with S-shaped scoliosis of 24 degrees; surgeons predicted surgery. No positive reviews were found on the Internet for any treatment method. But we decided to fight: we began practicing Schroth-gymnastics and put on a corset. It is very difficult, but thanks to Maria, a correctly selected set of exercises and their combination, we managed to align the spine to 12 degrees in six months.
    Our treatment has not yet been completed, but I hope that thanks to Maria's support and persistence, we will succeed, and our daughter will be able to lead a fulfilling life! When we were looking for reviews at the beginning of our journey and some opportunities to do without surgery, I wondered if there are any specialists in Moscow who deal with scoliosis treatment seriously, approach it professionally, have proper qualification and international practice.
    At this stage, I can say with confidence that there are such specialists; they are not too many, but they do exist. Gerbutova Maria is one of them. And these are not just words, honestly!
    We were also lucky with the corset! Believe in yourself and your strength, trust specialists, and everything will work out for you!
    Best regards, Shugaeva Svetlana Anatolyevna!
  • Анна (мама)
    Anna (mother)
    We were very glad to meet Maria at the right time. She is a wonderful person and a rare specialist. Diagnosed with hemiparesis, my child could not start walking. He could walk only with a support and a serious deformity of the left foot, valgus, started developing.
    We underwent Vojta therapy with Maria, as well as foot therapy by Barbara Zukunft-Huber method. Bandaging (foot therapy) really saved our son’s foot. Now «the former deformed foot» practically doesn’t differ from the healthy one. Vojta-therapy course stimulated our child to walk; the necessary set of exercises was very competently selected.
    We continue to engage with Maria and confidently trust her with the health of our child.
  • Алина (мама)
    Alina (mother)
    Maria Gerbutova is a first-class specialist, a coach with a capital letter. Indeed, OUR instructor!
    We have been practicing together for over three years. We started from birth, have gone through many therapists, including foreign ones. But we are loyal to Maria -:)).
    She put our daughter Masha on her feet. She has mastered many methods and teaches me and my husband a variety of techniques for daily work at home.
    The coach draws up a thoughtful and detailed programme for Masha with a combination of different approaches. In the morning my husband practices it, in the second half of the day I do. Even our grandmother is involved in the process and sometimes she is allowed to do stretching according to the method of Barbara Zukunft-Huber.
    Unfortunately, my daughter has gone through many surgeries, so each time Maria works outs an individual plan, taking into account all our needs and capabilities. I am amazed at her responsiveness and readiness to always explain everything even outside the classroom, promptly answer many questions and, when necessary, draw up a conclusion in German for our examinations abroad.
    Maria introduced us to many wonderful doctors and directed us to specialists whose techniques she has not mastered yet. Now they lead us together. It is very convenient! Our daughter Masha is a very sensitive girl with a pronounced choleric temperament. To use the approach "must be done" is not about us.
    Maria managed to teach me how to do Vojta therapy in such a way that Masha is not crying now and even asks me if we will be doing Vojta soon -:)). Seeing me pulling out the rug, she rushes straight to the study table. This is an incredible progress for Masha. Thanks to Maria Gerbutova, Masha becomes stronger without coercion and trauma for the psyche!
    Maria, our whole family are very grateful to you! We wish you success and wel!
  • Мария Климкина (мама)
    Maria Klimkina (mother)
    I would like to express gratitude from our whole family to Maria Gerbutova for her work.
    She is the first who was able to show us that Vojta therapy can be without tears and that it works!
    Maria always supports a mother, encourages her to work with her child, very delicately correcting mistakes.
    In the spring of 2020, when COVID-19 started, Vojta Therapy became the basis of all our rehabilitation, because it can be practiced at home and help the child from the inside, i.e. when the child's brain begins to form the correct movements.
    Maria, thank you for training and opportunity to learn a lot about the Zukunft-Huber method (foot therapy) and about combination of several methods for child rehabilitation. This is a great reward and invaluable aid for me! I regret only one thing … that we met when my son was already one year old.
  • Салова Мила (мама)
    Salova Mila (mother)
    I would like to express my great gratitude to two of the most excellent rehabilitation therapists in our country: Maria Nikolaevna Gerbutova and Alexandra Olegovna Nikolaeva.
    It so happened that both of them put their tender hands, brightest mind and kind hearts to rehabilitate my daughter, and now they are going to work together!!!
    My Ksyusha is 7 years old. She underwent 21 operations on the brain: hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, 46 anesthesia and a bunch of other complications connected with these conditions. Few people believed in my girl, it's not a secret, but Maria Nikolaevna has been leading us to a more fulfilling life for 5 years now and very successfully. We started with rehabilitation courses, then switched to remote guidance and training, with constant adjustments to homework.
    Everything that I can do, and most of Ksyusha's achievements are precisely her merit. It is she who leads me by the hand only forward. The best teacher, first-class, empathetic, and terrific friend.
    While Maria and I switched to online communication, Alexandra Olegovna was working with Ksyusha in person. She gave us about 8 full courses. To say thank you for your help is to say nothing. A huge contribution to physics, a tremendous contribution to the emotional state and overall progress towards the goal.
    Amazing dedication. The child subconsciously feels it and ALWAYS gives the result into her hands. It is an incredible gift to build up such kind of authority with our children.
    I can’t express all those feelings that I am experiencing for both of them. Wishing you good health, my dear! Thank you for being in our life and accept my low bow!!!
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